Sammamish X_Launch1The Sammamish X Scholarship Fund was started by a group of Sammamish alumni. We are proud to have graduated from Sammamish and want to continue to contribute to an institution that was a big part of our lives.

Beginning in 2016, the SXS Fund has provided scholarships for over 15 students. The long-term objective is to drive meaningful and sustained alumni support for SHS students. We encourage each class holding its 10 Year Reunion (or any other number) to lead the effort in raising funds for this scholarship or another program at Sammamish.

Join us and donate today! Thanks for the support and please help us get the word out by sending this link to your friends and family.


The Sammamish X Scholarship Fund will provide financial support to graduating senior students who are seen as leaders in school and the community. We plan to release scholarship requirements to students in March, notify finalists and request proof of college admission in April, and publicly announce the scholars in June. The applications will be reviewed primarily by a selection committee made up of SHS alumni. Our main requirements are demonstrated financial need, minimum 2.8 GPA and a student who embodies the “X Factor” of Sammamish High School spirit. Thanks for the support.

“At Sammamish, greatness was and is defined not just as personal success but dedication to a larger social good,” said Paul Sutton, a former teacher at Sammamish who has joined in the effort. “In 2005, through the ‘Tham 2 Vietnam’ fundraiser, Sammamish students started what was to become one of the most robust eras of student philanthropy at any school, anywhere, anytime. Over the following 5 years, students raised over $100,000 for various causes including Pennies for Patients, Invisible Children, and Walk 4 Aidan. This scholarship fund builds off of a strong history of giving.”

Email: SammamishX@gmail.com

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