Update From Past Winners


We are currently accepting applications for the 2020 graduating class.

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Here is an update from one of our winners Lifia Camila

“Hi there,
My first year of college has been great! I joined an amazing sorority and the scholarship money I received from this foundation has helped me pay my housing dues in full, meaning I’ve been living in my sorority for free for the past two quarters! All thanks to you guys!

I am still pursuing a nursing degree and actually got on the dean’s list with a GPA of 3.6 last quarter. The classes I’m taking are super interesting, and I’m working hard to get on the dean’s list again this quarter (and every quarter after that!).

Thanks for asking!”
– Lifia Camila

And also an update from one of our winners Madeline Carter.

“Hello! My first year of college has been great so far. Fall Quarter was a very easy transition and I loved all my classes: English 101, Calculus I, and a computer science/mathematics seminar. I am currently doing a heavier course load for Winter Quarter, but it is still going well. I am taking Contemporary Art in Asia, Calculus II, Computer Science 141, and Communication 101. I have also joined Women in Computing club and American Sign Language club!

Thank you again for the scholarship! It has been put to good use with my books, fees, and tuition. :)”
 – Madeline Carter


2018 Recap

We have selected our winners!!! It was very difficult as every applicant was incredibly hard working and impressive. We are proud to present our 3 recipients for 2019.

Our first $500 finalist has taken more AP classes than anyone can count, has been involved in activities from Soccer to Totem pride and was a Gold Medalist for SkillsUSA Graphic Communication in Regionals… Congratulations to Thong Dinh!

Our second $500 finalist impressed us with their breadth of work ranging from Varsity captain for both the swim and gymnastics teams, to a mission trip in Guatemala helping to renovate a local school… Congratulations to Heidi Stabbert!

The 2018 Sammamish X Alumni Scholarship $3,000 recipient is someone who has strived to get a head start in their budding business career early from competing in DECA to participating in Girls Who Code and even sought out an internship with Amazon this past year… CONGRATULATIONS to Raquel Banda Gonzalez!

Here is an update Raquel sent us in the spring of 2019.

“Being the first in my family to go out of state for college has definitely been one of the scariest but best decisions of my life. Going to APU as a business student has been a challenge… the course work is 100x more intense, time management is important, and professors can be pretty harsh, but because of the support I have from here and back home I’ve somehow still managed to make the dean’s list last semester. I spent my first year at APU doing dumb things with my friends such as playing dodgeball birdbox style (you can imagine how that went), getting lost in LA and having to figure out which of the billions of metros to take back to my dorm safely, and I also was selected to join the Communiversity team (which is the equivalent to ASB) and organize fun events and school dances. As cheesy as it sounds, college has really changed me for the better— I’ve had to put myself out there and really do things I probably wouldn’t have taken my chances for in HS because of fear of failure. That probably also has to do with the fact that I know if I do fail I can always make myself feel better by sneaking into Disneyland. On the real though, shoutout to Sammamish for being the first chapter of my story, definitely cannot wait to see what my future has up next! #gocougs #butalsoSHSLETSGOTOTESforever ” – Raquel Banda Gonzalez


The Sammamish X Scholarship Fund is pleased to announce Irene Cruz Salas as the $500 scholarship recipient and Anthony Alvarez as the $5,000 scholarship recipient. We wish Irene the best of luck at UW Bothell and Anthony at Western Washington University.



The Sammamish X Scholarship Fund had a successful first year! Together we surpassed our goal of $5000, and were able to award additional support 3 scholarship finalists, one $5,000 scholarship and two $500 scholarships. Thanks for your support!


2016 scholarship recipients, successes and THANK YOUS! Thanks to our many generous donors we were able to raise a total of $6,000. The two $500 finalists selected were Emma Tim and Jesus Garcia. The Sammamish X 2016 Scholar selected was Navi Dehar. Thank you to everyone who donated and applied. Donate again for this year’s scholarship and share our story with your friends, family and network to let people know in the community. You can see our coverage in the Bellevue Reporter below. Thanks again.

Sammamish X Scholarship in Bellevue Reporter


(photo in order: Emma Tim, Navi Dehar, Jesus Garcia)

Here is an update from our first finalist Navi Dehar which he sent us in the spring of 2019.

Hello SHS Alumni Scholarship team. I am now a third year undergraduate student in the department of Geography at the University of Washington. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in GIS, along with a minor in Classics. I also work as a Computer lab assistant in the Geography department where I am gaining valuable work skills. As a film enthusiast I like to watch and break down films in my free time. Thank you.” Navi Dehar


Email: SammamishX@gmail.com

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